Don't let desperation take over you

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You know that feeling when you love someone but your love is totally unrequited. The more you do to get that person's attention, the less interested they become. You feel disappointed that all your effort is in vain. You feel desperate and can’t even hide it. Seeking a job without experience reminds me of unrequited love.

I often hear stories of job seekers whose dozens of job applications remain unanswered. They lose motivation and write every new cover letter with the background idea that they will fail it. And they fail again and again because they let desperation take over them.

All battles are first won or lost, in the mind. Joan of Arc

Remember employers need a confident problem solver and not a person ready to work for food. So forget about your past failures - those were complimentary steps needed to get to this point. Now it’s time to shine bright. Don’t seek a job and instead offer your services and provide solutions to people’s problems.

Of course, you don’t have all the skills and experience needed, nor do other candidates. Focus on what you can do well and show your interest in learning more. Collect feedback and improve accordingly.

Every time you’re not invited, be grateful for the experience and the opportunity to exercise. Confidence comes with practice and incremental improvement, so keep going!