Start over again

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Seven months ago, my government decided to enter Ukraine with military forces. Soon I closed my legal entity and left my motherland with no return ticket to not support that act in any way, including economically by paying taxes.

Although It was not my first relocation, I can't brag about how easy it was because I left everything except a travel bag with some clothes and my laptop.

During these few months, many services including Revue, Mailchimp, Namecheap and a few others decided to restrict or terminate my accounts. For example, I had to give up on domain which I used for this site.

Those sudden events were quite hard to prepare for but it was what it was and I started over again. I found a new home in a new country, signed up for alternative digital services, chose new domain registrars for my domains and switched to

Changing your career path is quite similar to relocation to another country actually. To feel happy at your new home, you must get familiar with local customs, learn a new language and find new friends. When you change your career path, let's say from a civil engineer to a software developer, you have to start over as well. No reputation, no network, no portfolio, no skills. All you have is your open heart and mind to learn new things, meet new people, and look for your desired job opportunity.

If you're going to change your career or are already working on changing it, the most valuable advice that I could give you is to give up on your past vision of yourself, shut your Ego up and start building yourself from the ground up in the new area. And you'll be just fine.

No, it won't be a light walk though. You will probably lower your income level at the beginning. But if you persevere, you'll end up building a better career/life.