The most underestimated freelance habit

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So what is it? It's simple - always trying to exceed the expectations. But if it's so simple, why don't all freelancers have this habit?

Most freelancers underestimate the effort required

It's especially typical for large projects and for junior-to-middle freelancers whose experience is somewhat limited.

I solve the large project problem by splitting the project into a few milestones and estimating the first milestone only, or suggesting hourly payments.

The lack of experience is usually solved by multiplying to a risk factor. Let's say, if you have no experience in the area, multiply your estimated time to 2. If you have 1-3 years of experience, multiply to 1.3.

Some people are naturally greedy

Greedy people don't care about investing some time into developing long-term relationships with their clients. That's a huge mistake because clients can come for a quick one-time project and stay for years if they like you, and on top of that they recommend you to their friends.

Some freelancers don't care about their reputation enough

Not keeping promises is totally Okay for some freelancers. They feel that there is a demand for them in the market, so they think they can afford delivering late or not delivering at all.

You know what, it won't last long. More and more people are coming to the market from other industries and they are hungry for work, while AI is destroying some jobs completely. So it's your choice - develop your reputation now and stay in the market or disappear.

My formula is 110%. I deliver 110% quicker than expected and give 110% more value. Are you with me, my friends?